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Agile process

We believe that a lightweight agile development is the key to solving the equation of time, manpower and feature growth in a way that is sustainable over time.


We have over ten years of experience in the Scrum process.


We do not hesitate to adapt the tools to support the precess, like for example the Pivoboard - Scrumboard for Pivotal Tracker

Test driven development


Test driven development increases the code quality and credibility, it dramatically reduces the time lost in debugging and the number of bugs that reach the later development steps.


This is the core of our business, and we have been doing it for embedded systems during the last ten years.

Continuous Integration


Automated builds, tests and release packaging keeps the code in ship shape and minimizes the risk of late integration. This is done on every commit and feedback is given directly.


We have worked extensively with Robot Framework, TeamCity and Jenkins and we are continously investigating new tools.